Step I: First, you have to register for an account. See the red arrow. For beginners, I urged you to go over the tutorial before you start. It is helpul, if you print it, then have it handy as you go along. See the blue arrow.
Step II. Below is the "Terms of Agreement".
Click here.
Step III. Below is the form to fill up for all the info needed to create an account.
             The word 'SEXQY' at the bottom of the page is called 'captcha' a 
             technique used to make sure that it is a human that is filling up the form
             and not a bot or a machine. This is done to prevent flooding and for
             security purposes. Some other words will come up as you register.
             Make sure you enter it in the box provided as it is shown; Enter as
             Caps if shown as capitals and lower case if shown as lower case
Enter the letters in this box.
Click here.
Step IV. Below shows that the system has accepted your registration.
Click here to login.
Step V. Below is the login page. Fill in the info needed as shown on the page and click the button "Ok".
Click here to login.
Step VI: You are now ready to upload your photo.
Click here to begin uploading your photo.
Step VII: The error below is telling you that you need to create your album where it will contain your photos. Ignore the error and click on "Create' on the button ."Create/order my albums."
Click here.
Step VIII: Below is the form to create your album. At the bottom of the page are several buttons. Pay attention to the far right button that says, "New album" with a green cross. Click on this button.
Click here.
Step IX: Below is a page where you can enter the name of your album. I entered "My Album" as an example. You can enter any name you desire, then click the OK button.

If there are errors coming up when you do this, clear your browser's cache. IE is using its cache a lot, so make sure to clear it from time to time. I'd recommend to do the same with the others; i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc.
Enter the name of your album here.
Click here.
Step X. Below is the page that shows  your album is created. Here, almost at the bottom of the page, you see the name "My Album" with the black cross. You are almost ready to upload your photos. On top of the page is an icon with "Upload file". Click on this to get you ready.
Click here.
Click here to register.
Follow the Tutorial